Trading System Reviews

H Ayinde wrote:

I have made more in the last month than I have in the last two years. I wish I had found you two years ago.

B Towers wrote:

I would certainly recommend this to anyone seriously interested in trading.

M Qureshi wrote:

I have been to endless seminars and courses in the past, but I have learnt far more in the last couple of months, thanks to and it’s so much simpler.

Gary wrote:

I am £500 up on two trends today, which on my 10k account, is better than the bank.

R.S. wrote:

I know it’s only the first month, but up 18%.

Doug wrote:

My last FTSE trades have increased my funds by £893.57. Thank you, you’re an excellent teacher.

Mr V.J. wrote:

Great profit today, thanks! The Nasdaq trend open closed today with £1552.65 at 3.30 per point.

M.T. wrote:

The SB Professional Trading system is at the same time beautifully simple and fantastically detailed. The daily trading information, presented on a single sheet of A4, is like a very sharp needle embedded in the tip of a massive floating iceberg. Out of sight beneath the surface is a vast mass of data, thoroughly analysed over many years, and available at the click of a mouse.

K.L. wrote:

Just to let you know I am very pleased with the simplicity of using SB Professional. It is great that it can be truly set and forget for those with limited time or inclination to do anything more. Or it can be used as a great time saver, providing the entry and stop-loss information for trades, which can then be closed out with discretion for those with a little more time or knowledge and experience, wishing to do so.

It's a win win.

Mr S.H. wrote:

"Just wanted to drop you a line to say how delighted I am with your services, I started off with a trading account of £2500 and my current balance is £5400. Placing the trades is easy and the fact that i can just leave the trades all day leaves me stress free. The support from you has been excellent and i look forward to our ongoing success" (UK)

Mr T.T. wrote:

My account has reached a milestone by increasing by 50% since I joined …Not a bad return in 3 months!! ( UK)

Mr P.E. wrote:

I've read the big book several times. Most excellent. Unreservedly one of the very best, and I have amassed a big collection over the years .. My wife says it is my Trading Bible. (France) By the way, I've been messing around with trading for some 20 years now, and this is the first time that I have ever had real success…

Current balance is £12558.92 with a live trade still running with over £500 profit - GBP/JPY

I just wanted to say that in my time with dealing with you I have had support like never before , I’ve had explanations like never before and the personal HUMAN touch has been nothing short of amazing and outstanding. ..Sometimes in life the small things matter and this is my small THANK YOU

Thank you very much for taking me on your System Program. I was so excited and pleased that I am now a proud user of the System Trader. So far, I have gone through a whole complete month using the System Trader, and within this one month period, I have made an easy £2,000.

Mr S.O. wrote:

Believe it or not I have been trading the stock markets more than 10 years now, and I have been through so many so called “ Money Making Programmes – Software” and none of them have really actually work. But with the System Trader, it really, really works. I was amazed how close or almost spot on the signals were each day. And I can’t wait to find out each day what the signals are..Thank you again for taking me on your program (London)

Mr M.M. wrote:

IT'S BRILLIANT. I feel like someone has actually watched me trade in the past and has written about me! :) How bizzar! (London)

I’m just checking in with you guys.. I am up 100% now in 6 months....

Mr J.J. wrote:

…"Easy to understand" … I am very impressed! (London)

Mr K.J. wrote:

I have finally found a trustworthy, well organised professional support company..great

Mr M.R. wrote:

I must thank you for providing a most wonderful reference guide. ..Once started, I could not put the book down until I read it cover to cover, the Saturday I received it. It is written in a language that is easily understood, and it has finally made clear what trading is all about. I wish I had sight of this book two and a half years ago, when I first started trading, I would have saved thousands of pounds and a lot of frustration at not being able to master the beast (UK)

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