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You can now make a reliable income by trading the markets with just a basic understanding, a computer connected to the internet and a winning strategy. There is nothing too difficult to learn and most people can be up and running and making money in a very short time.

This guide takes you through the basics of trading; the 6 golden rules that guarantee a profit and how you can now access an easy “systematic” trading approach that you can use to generate your profits just 10 minutes a day.

Learn more in greater detail about:

1. Understand The Basics
You don’t need to become a financial whiz; you only need to equip yourself with a basic understanding of the essentials.

2. Trade A Winning Strategy
It is essential that you trade a proven winning strategy, understand it’s strengths and weaknesses, win/loss rate and optimum staking plan and stick with it rather than jumping in and out trying to find the perfect strategy (which can’t exist as no trading strategy can win all the time).

3. Trend Trading. Big Moves Capture Big Profits.
One of the best-known trading strategies employed in our trading system program is trend following, capturing continuous market moves up or down.

4. Don’t intraday Trade
Most people think that to make a profit you need to intraday trade - continually monitoring screens making lots of trades each day. That’s a big mistake!

5. Avoid Unusually Volatile Markets
When the news is all about big market moves, many people jump in mistakenly believing the larger daily moves create bigger opportunities to profit.

6. Organise Your Finances For Success
Plan for success and set aside a trading “bank”. This will be your trading pot.


”My account has reached a milestone, increasing by 50% since I joined! Not a bad return in 3 months!”

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