Terms, Conditions & Disclaimer

On Purchasing any of the products or services from Trading System Technologies Ltd ('the company') the purchaser agrees that they fully understand and  irrevocably agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions of  business, our web-site terms and conditions and our disclaimer. Any additional terms and conditions proposed by yourself and any that conflict with our terms are totally rejected by the company and will have zero effect.

1. The Software
The Software is sold to the purchaser by the company as a single user license.
The license is for continual use from the date of full payment ('original license  period') subject to the purchaser making the required monthly update fee  applicable at the time to enable access to the program. Failure to pay the monthly update fee will result in the license expiring following the original license period.

2. License Agreement
The company will remain the owners of the copyright and intellectual property rights of the product
The product is sold to the purchaser as a single license and may not be transferred or resold to a third party with the exception of clause 6.0

Payment for the license fee shall be paid in full prior to the product being dispatched.

On payment of the prevailing license fee the purchaser will be allocated a single license to use the product.
The purchaser agrees not to relay, lend, transmit or otherwise deal in the redistribution of information contained with the Any of Trading System Technologies Ltd product nor any other information regarding the business of Any of Trading System Technologies Ltd other than that of the normal course of placing trades and to keep the  company and it’s directors indemnified against any loss resulting from a breach  of this term.

If at any stage the license has not been fully paid for or the subscriptions  not paid, the company reserves the right to cancel/terminate the purchaser’s  license. The license can be reinstated by payment of the any fees due at that time.

If the purchaser is found to be in breach of any terms and conditions outlined, the company reserves the right to transfer and terminate the user’s license  without prior consent or any consultation with the purchaser.

The company reserves the right to alter or change the license terms and  conditions at any time without prior notice.

3. Use of the Product
The purchaser agrees that the company will accept no responsibility or liability  for any loss/losses caused either directly or indirectly as a result of using  the product or its use generally. This includes failure of the software, non-delivery or accuracy of data feeds, and any errors or omissions from the  manuals,  publications, cause literature or course content  supplied by the company.

No guarantees or warrantee of profit can or has been made and the use of the product is purely at the purchasers their own risk

The company accept no responsibility for the accuracy or authenticity of the  data feed and it is down the purchaser’s responsibility to check the prices  match those of the market if they so wish.

The company reserves the right to alter or change the product as they see fit  without prior notice
Any information contained within the products is not to be read or treated as a  specific instruction to trade or as any form of investment advice, or a  solicitation to trade or invest.

The software is an analysis tool designed to the best efforts of the proprietors to assist the user in their own decision-making process, and as such the  information generated is not to be taken or construed as any form of advice or  instruction to trade. The software acts as an analysis information provider only.

Any analysis or figures generated by the software are not to be read or taken  as specific trade instructions or advice.

4 Financial Warnings
Trading System Technologies Ltd products and representatives do not offer specific trading advice.

Purchasers accept All of Trading System Technologies Ltd products and services are  designed to provide information only to assist traders as a part of their own  trading strategy.

Trading System Technologies Ltd, its products and representatives are not registered or authorised by the FSA (financial services authority) to provide investment  advice, therefore any information provided by the company's products or representatives  are not to be read or taken as any form of trading advice, nor a solicitation  to trade. Prospective purchasers are advised to seek independent financial advice as to the suitability or otherwise of trading and using the products and services offered by the company.

The company accepts no responsibility or liability  for any loss/losses incurred by the purchaser as a result of using the products  or following its trading models or methods generally.

Trading, spread betting and CFD trading carry a high degree of risk to your capital and you may lose more than your initial stake.

These products may not be suitable to everyone, so you must ensure that you fully understand the risks involved prior to trading and seek independent financial advice if you have any doubt as to the suitability of any type of speculation.  Only ever speculate with money you can afford to lose.

No guarantee or warrantee of future profitability can or has been made and past performance is not necessarily a guide to future profitability.

Tax-laws as regards to profits made by using the system may be subject to change.

5. Refund Policy
Trading System Technologies Ltd operate a strict no refund policy and any products returned will not be refunded. It is the purchaser’s liability to ensure that their computer has a sufficient specification to run the any of the products correctly.

6. Re-sale of licenses
The purchaser may transfer or sell their license agreement provided payment has been made in full for the license and a 12 months subscription is paid by the new user. The company will not re-buy licenses.

7. Your Statutory Rights
These terms and conditions do not affect you statutory rights

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